What the Dog Saw

Another fantastic read by Malcolm Gladwell, this time with vignettes on everything from Ketchup to pitbulls to the interconnection of feminism and hair dye.

If you haven't read any of Gladwell's books yet, you really should. The details inside are infinitely interesting, and the people he interviews are always memorable. But, it is the lasting idea that you must always question your beliefs that really gives his books value.

Gladwell has the rare ability to see something obviously true and say that it's not so obvious at all. Then, he has the unique mindset that makes him painstakingly research just how these things work.

His books also have this unique ability to bring together elements that are so disparate that you can't imagine how he's going to relate them to one another, but he always manages it, and with a type of success that makes you wonder just how many other things might be involved in seemingly simple parts of our day.

In this book, you'll learn about the Dog Whisperer, two different takes on the Enron failure, more than you'd ever expect to know about the birth control pill, Jana Novotna, solving the homelessness problem, and the truth about criminal profiling.