Poutine at Soleil

So, the missus and I got it together on Saturday and went to Soleil in Westwood in order to try out their Poutine.

We sat in that table in the middle!

As I am not Canadian, ni Quebecois non plus, I have no credentials to judge this poutine. But, I do have a mouth, and that is at least some qualification.

So . . .

Thin, crispy, tasty french fries (Soleil's frites are fantastique) covered with soft white cheese curds and some sort of brown gravy which I can't identify. Great flavor, nice saltiness. My only complaint is that the curds were a little cold and it threw off the overall temperature of the dish. Other than that, however, I enjoyed the poutine very much.

I also had Brian's sandwich, which was a nice slab of beef cooked about medium with mixed greens on a baguette. The star of that meal, however, was the peppercorn sauce. If they bottled it, I'd buy it. As the waiter suggested, it would taste good on just about anything.

Rumors of Poutine in Los Angeles

Went to Vic's for lunch and ended up talking to a dude from Montreal for a half-hour. Canadians are nice people. It's true. Polite, friendly people. They really don't belong in Los Angeles at all.

Anyway, I now know of two places in SoCal where one can get poutine.

First, is Redondo Beach Cafe, owned by a pair of Greco-Canadian brothers, and serving up a fine selection of smoked meat sandwiches, Greek food, and poutine.

Second is Soleil Westwood. I guess it's quite a bit nicer, going for the whole French bistro feel, but I've heard they have a good Poutine. I believe it is owned by a Quebecois. No offense meant, if I'm wrong.

Finally went to Soleil, twice actually. I loved it! Read my review here.

If you don't know what a poutine is, it's a Quebecois dish from Montreal. One translation is something like "mess," as in "a total mess of stuff thrown together."

It is made of French fries, covered in cheese curds and brown gravy. Sounds weird, I know, but I've had it, and it was awesome. I only had it once, in New York, at a Belgian place called Pommes Frites. I have been told that their version is fairly lackluster, which fills me with excitement at the thought of having a proper poutine. My opinion is that their version was exceptionally tasty. I have wistful memories of it.

Also, I seriously need to start taking a camera with me everwhere, because I saw the A-1 douchiest thing ever. There was a guy in line for food wearing FAKE nerd glasses. They were 3D glasses, with the lenses taken out, and a piece of white athletic tape wrapped around the middle. Man, I wanted to smack that guy so bad. Some of us actually WERE nerds, and we all hope that fake nerds die in fires.

If you're wearing fake nerd glasses, you make me sick.