book reviews

BB Wolf and the Three LPs

BB Wolf and the Three LPs JD Arnold and Richard Koslowski are great showmen, and fast talkers. When I was walking by the Top Shelf booth at Comic-Con, the two of them somehow managed to talk me into buying a comic that really didn't interest me that much: a retrospective of the life of a blues-singing wolf. But I'm so glad they did. BB Wolf and the Three LPs will almost certainly be remembered as one of the finest comics of the year, for both writing and illustration. An absolutely amazing book that reminds us why we love Top Shelf, and comics in general.

The Dark Game

The Dark Game This clever little package was forwarded to me by a librarian asset who managed to smuggle it out of the ALA conference a few weeks ago.

Paul B. Janeczko, who may be better known for his work in the much less interesting world of poetry anthologies, has produced a sexy little volume of true-life spy stories dating back to the Revolutionary War, and up to the very recent past. If this advanced copy (which is still a little rough, visually) lives up to its promise, I expect a great final version that will be a real thrill to readers of all ages.