Just wanted to write this word down before I forget it: Metamerism is the matching of colors under different types of light. Metameric failure is when objects appear to be the same color under one light source, but are different colors under different light sources.

List of Unusual Words

One of my friends hipped me to this page, which contains a number of strange words to help you become simultaneously more and less articulate. I am suddenly reminded that I need to go do a little emunction.

I like the idea of having a lot of useless vocabulary. It's like having a code-language that nobody understands but you. You can be your own creepy twin.

It all reminds me of a language paradox that I learned about in college, which goes a little like this. Free Choco-Pie to the first person who tells me who identified the conundrum.

1) Language is always an abstraction, because words are clearly not the things they represent.* "Table" is not the same thing as an actual table.

2) In order to represent specific things, we tend to use more words. "Table" becomes "The red table in the corner, with a vase on it, and a coffee stain."

3) The paradox is this: how can piling abstraction on top of abstraction create specificity?

Something to ponder, I suppose.

* There are a few self-referential words that actually are what they represent. Some examples are: "word," "polysyllabic," and "fifteen-lettered."