List of Unusual Words

One of my friends hipped me to this page, which contains a number of strange words to help you become simultaneously more and less articulate. I am suddenly reminded that I need to go do a little emunction.

I like the idea of having a lot of useless vocabulary. It's like having a code-language that nobody understands but you. You can be your own creepy twin.

It all reminds me of a language paradox that I learned about in college, which goes a little like this. Free Choco-Pie to the first person who tells me who identified the conundrum.

1) Language is always an abstraction, because words are clearly not the things they represent.* "Table" is not the same thing as an actual table.

2) In order to represent specific things, we tend to use more words. "Table" becomes "The red table in the corner, with a vase on it, and a coffee stain."

3) The paradox is this: how can piling abstraction on top of abstraction create specificity?

Something to ponder, I suppose.

* There are a few self-referential words that actually are what they represent. Some examples are: "word," "polysyllabic," and "fifteen-lettered."