Superfuckers by James Kochalka One of the highlights of my trip to Comic-Con was getting to meet James Kochalka, who was first introduced to me several years ago, when he was donating the proceeds from Fancy Froglin's Sexy Forest to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Fancy is one of the creepiest, funniest, most childish, and strangely cute comics you'll ever read, with its completely innocent take on absolute perversity. Then, I started reading American Elf, and picking up some of his other books, like Pinky and Stinky and Johnny Boo, and realized that Kochalka is just a really talented guy who moves freely back and forth from the intensely personal to the outlandish, with occasional sojourns in kid-lit.

Now available in a collected version, issues 271 - 279 give a complete story arc featuring the rude, confusing, and hilarious exploits of the world's worst team of superheroes, ostensibly led by Jack Krak, who is the motherfucker, should you need to know.

The book is drawn with trademark Kochalka Quality, which means over-the-top bad behavior, strange situations, and a no-limits approach to what can appear in the funny papers. But this time it's all amplified to new heights with drug use, weird sex, and the occasional super-power.

I highly recommend picking up the book if you can, because, trust me, you're never going to find the singles. I look for them whenever I hit the comic shop and have only managed to lay hands on a couple of them.