BB Wolf and the Three LPs

BB Wolf and the Three LPs JD Arnold and Richard Koslowski are great showmen, and fast talkers. When I was walking by the Top Shelf booth at Comic-Con, the two of them somehow managed to talk me into buying a comic that really didn't interest me that much: a retrospective of the life of a blues-singing wolf. But I'm so glad they did. BB Wolf and the Three LPs will almost certainly be remembered as one of the finest comics of the year, for both writing and illustration. An absolutely amazing book that reminds us why we love Top Shelf, and comics in general.

If Art Spiegelman had grown up the son of Black sharecroppers in Mississippi, he might have written a book like BB Wolf. This riveting graphic novel uses the animal metaphor, and the story of the Three Little Pigs to add an entirely new dimension to graphic storytelling. Drawing heavily from the theory of history, particularly some ideas from Benjamin, BB Wolf tells the story of a hard-working, hard-drinking wolf whose life goes to hell when the local pigs decide to try to run him off his land, and take his farm.

This exciting story of revenge, racism, and punishment has an ending that will blow you away, even though some part of your mind remembers how it has to end.

Gorgeous illustration by Koslowski fills the book with emotion that is infectious to the reader. The fine attention to detail in every panel, from the development of BB'ss stance to the fully-realized backgrounds, all create a world that seems both concrete and lost in memory.

BB Wolf and the Three LPs completely deserves the high praise that it has received recently. An absolute must-buy, and definitely not for little kids.