Firefox 3.6 Tab Order problems

The new version of Firefox, version 3.6, ha been out for a few days now, and I finally got around to downloading it yesterday. It took about 5 minutes before it pissed me off royally, so I'll give you the advice that I found on the internet.

The problem: New tabs seem to appear kind of randomly in the tab bar.

The solution: Here are five simple steps to fix the problem

  1. Type about:config into your address bar

  2. Promise to be careful
  3. Type the word "related" into the filter bar to find the right key
  4. Double-click on the text under "value" to change the value to "false." The status will change to "user set" but don't worry.
  5. You're done. Close the window. It should be back to normal immediately.

FF Tabs

Thanks! That was driving me nuts

No problem.

Glad I could help!