Thursday at the Con, Part 2

Okay, we're back from Yogurt Land, one of my favorite places on Earth, feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the world. Here are some more pics I took at the San Diego Comic Convention today. I'll probably take many more tomorrow, so be sure to bookmark, if you like this kind of thing.

Back to it!!!

Captain Jack Sparrow with some wench

Last year, there were so many Cap'n Jacks that it was enough to make you ill. This year, I only saw this scurvy pair, who did a pretty nice job of it.

Cat Woman

A very nice Cat-Woman outfit, worn very well by someone who can pull it off. She was really nice, too.

Some guy wearing chain mail

The Con always has its share of wayward Ren-Faire types who just like to wear weird clothes. I'll let it slide, though. I wore one of those shirts, once. It's a hell of a commitment to spend a day with 40 pounds of metal strapped to your chest.

Groups of Ewoks with a Stormtrooper

I'm sure that a proper Star Wars devotee could tell me exactly what kind of Storm Trooper that is, and one probably will. (Go ahead and add a comment.) Anyway, one of these Ewok girls handed me a camera and asked me to take a picture of her and the others, and the Stormtrooper. 3 minutes later, I had no idea whose camera I was holding, so I'm either totally racist against Asians, or against Ewoks. Please forgive me, Tiny Librarian.

Who you gonna call?

Some nice Ghost Busters costumes. The Black dude standing in front of us yelled "Yo, where's Winston" while I was taking this picture.

Girls with Ears

Some girls behind us in the Scott Pilgrim line. They seemed nice so I took a picture.

Harry Potter

Fully committed to Harry Potter. I heard he was even taking growth inhibiting drugs like Michael Jackson. Too bad that Radcliffe won't follow suit.

I'm in lesbians with this shirt
More silliness from the Scott Pilgrim people. They also had shirts that said "Bread makes you fat?"

Grey Ironman
Ironman in Grey . . .

Ironman statue thing
. . . and in Red.

Lying Media Fags

Fred Phelps, from the Westboro Baptist Church, had his morons out protesting the Con today. They had some signs about how "God hates fags," etc. The people at Comic-Con are extremely open-minded, and the vast majority have great senses of humor, so many people staged an impromptu counter-protest. Here's my friend Jake holding up one of their signs. Check out his cool site here: Lying Media Bastards

Jake with little Scotty Pilgrim
Here's Jake with his close personal friend Michael Cera. I bet you didn't know that George Michael is 9 feet tall.

Johnny Ryan is a dick

So, I love Johnny Ryan, and I have a lot of his comics, which are racist, sexist, and horribly offensive to pretty much everyone. Naturally, I was excited to meet him, again. Unfortunately, he was a real dick to me for no reason. Maybe I should stop defending him to everyone who says he's a worthless scumbag who should have his work banned.

Okay, this is more than enough for page 2. Page 3 will come along later.