Thursday at Comic-Con: Part 1

Last night, we were way too tired to show up for preview night at San Diego Comic Con, so we chilled out, drank beer, and watched Billy the Exterminator. Two of those were good choices. Anyway, we eventually woke up this morning and headed down to the Con, and spent a couple of hours standing in line to have a "Scott Pilgrim Experience," which was not very much like a Hendrix Experience, in that there were no drugs available, as far as I could tell. There were free t-shirts, though, and that's cool.

Well, that being said, I know that people like to see pics from the Con, so here are a butt-load of them.'

I'm just going to do this in alphabetical order. I already spent an hour resizing and renaming pics, and I'm way too lazy to re-file everything by order or category. Also, I don't care that much.

Mexican Wrestler Batman
We'll start off with this odd-ball father-son team, who merge the world's two most well-guarded secrets. I guess that it's entirely possible that Batman did a little Lucha Libre on the side, though. He would have kicked so much ass.

Boba Fett blister pack
Tiny Librarian, mint-in-box, with bonus Boba Fett figure. Phallic insinuation not included.

Humanoid with Brain Parasite
So my question was: "Who are you? What character?"
His response: "I dunno. I'm just a humanoid with a some kind of brain parasite."
Me: "Awesome!"

Captain America Chick
We spent some time talking about this. "Captain", we believe, is a gender-neutral term, so she's still "Captain America." No need to call her "Captainess" or something like that. Also, funny sidenote: Some smart-ass eating lunch on a patio next to us yelled at her "Hey, Captain America," so she walked over and said "Yes, Can I help you?" The guy was dumbfounded. She asked "What, that's it?"

Well, there is much to do down here tonight, so I'll post more later. Time for Yogurt-Land. Check back for parts Two through One Million.