Sometimes a story goes from bad to huh? to woah!

The governor of Hyderabad, India, a man named Narain Dutt Tiwari, has resigned from office over a sex scandal.

He's 86 years old.

It's a sex tape featuring him in bed with three women.

Here's a picture of the sex machine who's old enough to be your great grandpa.

He is sporting exactly the look I would sport if someone caught me banging three chicks on video at the age of 86.

New guitar for Christmas.

Naturally, I have provided you with some of my awesome musical stylings.

I think the chords are G#7, C# and D#.

Click where it says "1 attachment" if you want to hear.

One of the great classics of Christmas music.

Most "seasonal" records suck. This is an exception.

A theme has been chosen

If you're a Drupal user and a Mac lover, which I am, I highly recommend this theme: iTheme by Nick La, ported by garamond. Sorry if you can't read garamond's page. Neither can I.

A special Christmas game to help you kill Santa.

Destroy Christmas, nay, the world, by unleashing some kinda virus on everyone.

Infectonator: Christmas Edition

My favorite picture of the day.

This girl, Alyssa Bustamante was charged with killing her next door neighbor for the lulz. Based solely on the picture, I'm going to say she did it.

iTunes wants me to kill myself.

Just felt like listening to a song by the Angels of Light, and the iTunes genius has decided to give me my dirge library, replete with proper wrist-slitters.