Batman - The Long Halloween

I can't believe that I never got around to reading this 1996 title until yesterday. What the hell was I thinking?

In this gritty Gotham adventure, Loeb and Sale create a real sense of mystery and intrigue as they paint the picture of a city in crisis. Overrun by mob bosses, insane villains, and a serial killer who executes a different Mafia family member every holiday, Gotham is simultaneously being freed from the forces that control it and being scared into submission by some new and unknown force.

Strangely enough, Batman is kind of a bit player in The Long Halloween, which is largely the story of "The Roman" who leads the Falcone Crime family, Harvey Dent, the dedicated City Prosecutor, and Captain Gordon, as they try to figure out who is killing Gotham's bad guys.

The book has some fairly gratuitous appearances by fan favorites The Joker, The Sandman, Solomon Grundy, and Catwoman. But, it's mostly the story of three men trying to find a killer, with an ending that leaves more questions than it answers.